Sending people out into the world to expand the Kingdom of God.

We live right in the middle of the world’s biggest mission field; we don’t have to go far to get into action. Local churches are only reaching 35 percent of the U.S. Population because as "the church" we are not effectively mobilizing and sending our people out into the world.



PASTOR SHAWN Director of Mobilization


Come and join us as we share the love of Jesus. Our goal here at Haven is to send as many people as we possibly can into the community and world to do hands-on ministry each week. We want everyone we come into contact with to experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ so that God may be glorified. As the Pastor of Mobilization, I join with the Mobilization Deacons in increasing awareness and encouraging congregational participation in service opportunities that bless the community while serving as an example of Christ's love for others.




Here at Haven we have many opportunities to mobilize through out the entire year. The only thing stopping you from getting active in your faith is you. Take a look through all of the ministries that you can be apart of.


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